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Tracking opportunities

Onclusive lets you measure the impact of earned, owned and social media performance at each stage.

Our media monitoring suite identifies topics, trends and opportunities and, when combined with our media analytics platform and PR analytics tools, you can perform the most thorough analysis of data to help with future decision making and campaign optimisation.

Our PR analytics metrics provide you with the powerful tools to analyse the quality, resonance, influence and bottom-line impact of every article. Validate your assumptions, identify the content delivering the most value for your brand, and uncover those less obvious stories, publications and authors that are driving bottom-line impact for you and your competitors.

Customised charts and graphics allow you to demonstrate the value of your PR efforts, measure your campaign performance and justify future suggestions, ready to present to key stakeholders and media influencers.



Tools to measure the impact of every article and identify future opportunities.


Stay on top of trends, influencers and sentiment.


Know which topics readers are engaging with and accurately target future campaigns.


Understand the impact of your media, and what actions follow.

Measure the impact of earned, owned & social media

Get the most complete view of your communications activity with the widest level of coverage in the industry.

We’re the only platform to help you measure and optimise content based on quality, resonance, brand impact and revenue for every article.

Our PR analytics give you the opportunity to showcase the resulting website and social media traffic gained from your PR efforts and insight into how your media mentions are translating into business outcomes.

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Surface unexpected insights

Intuition is no longer enough to guide strategy. Using our analytics tools, you can identify the content that is delivering the most value for your brand.

Our service uses machine learning algorithms with over a decade of training analytics data to eliminate irrelevant or spam articles, focusing on those articles that directly contribute to your goals.

We can uncover the content, publications and authors that could create impact for you and your competitors.

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Track Social Trends, Influencers and Sentiment

Get a holistic view of social media performance, across multiple channels, with real-time valuable insights about your brand and marketing campaigns.

Set up real-time alerts and track social media campaigns to stay informed of any media mention of your competition, brand, products or company. So you’ll always be up to speed with what’s happening.

Access direct and indirect brand mentions, keywords and hashtags across the most important social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Reddit.

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Understand sentiment

Accurate sentiment analysis is critical when researching topics and subject matter.

Our sentiment analysis uses the business intelligence of NLP and AI to deliver automated insights around the tone of your earned media coverage. That way you’ll know how your messages resonate with your target audience and can deliver the greatest impact for your PR and social media strategies.

Our multilingual sentiment analysis model supports over 100 languages, so you can track media across multiple markets.

Our AI-powered social media sentiment analysis also gives you a complete understanding of how your target audience feels about your brand, topics and competition, across multiple channels. These audience insights and our reporting tools can be used to refine and test your content to deliver your objectives.

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Reader Engagement & Brand Impact

We work closely with PR and marketing teams to help them understand if their earned media is actually being consumed.

Our media measurement and PR analytics suite measure the true impact of your promoted articles, helping to understand your audience and the impact of your articles in relation to sentiment and consideration.

We’re the only platform that supplies indepth engagement metrics, including time on page, average attention, scroll depth and unique visitors to earned media.

You can see real-time survey results from your target audience to understand the level of impact your articles have on brand sentiment and consideration.

Our engagement analytics include reader engagement and brand impact analytics which measure true effect, encourage credibility and look to maximise the reach of your promoted articles.

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Bespoke reporting

Create standard templates for regular reports that can be reused and refreshed for reporting cycles. Whether for reporting to the team, the board or summarising social media performance, our reporting templates can be easily shared, embedded or downloaded.

Our presentation-ready templates can be customised to showcase the impact on business results in the most visually impactful way.

Quickly create social media reports capturing data across multiple social media accounts, summarising your mentions, shares, posts, hashtags, followers and more as you progress towards your brand goals.

All custom reports are refreshed in real-time with the most up-to-date actionable insights every time they’re viewed or downloaded.

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