Media Briefings
Curated coverage to meet your needs

Custom media briefings help you make sense of your coverage.

Our editors act as an extension of your team, curating coverage based on your needs and distilling it into a branded media briefing report delivered through email, or your preferred format.

Coverage can be categorised by brand, topic, media type, or to suit different internal audiences.

Media briefings are a key resource to keep your senior stakeholders informed of the latest relevant news developments, whether on a daily basis or one-off support during key events or even a crisis.



Daily human curation of your coverage.


Media briefing emails customised with your branding.


Managed email distribution to key internal stakeholders.

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Distilled coverage for key stakeholders

The media briefing is your go-to solution for sharing important media coverage with internal audiences, such as a daily status report for senior leadership.

Our custom-led solution helps you understand the impact of your proactive communications on your media coverage and remain alert to any emerging threats to reputation and topics that are distracting media attention.

The media briefing means you stay on top of the media agenda. Our editors monitor content and make sense of it – summarising articles, providing executive summaries of today’s news, and giving you a more in-depth understanding of the media’s reaction, highlighting key editorial comments and opinions.

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Support when you need it most

Throughout the year there may be moments when you need extra support, such as during earning announcements or even a crisis.

Our teams are on hand 24/7 to support you with breaking news alerts in real-time and as the news evolves. Your coverage will also be included in your established and scheduled media monitoring deliveries. And you can feed in specific guidance on how to manage that coverage, right up to the point of delivery.

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Copyright compliant media briefings

We pride ourselves on being the most copyright compliant provider in the industry. Our expert teams will guide you to ensure your media briefings allow you to share detailed briefings with as wide an audience as possible, and in a fully compliant manner.

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Customisable templates

Available online, by email and in a wide variety of formats, our media briefings are highly informative and can be tailored to the style guide of your existing business communications.

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