Stakeholder & Key Opinion Leaders
Understand your reputation across all stakeholders

Every business has a unique and diverse set of stakeholder opinions – from customers and politicians, to shareholders and employees. Understanding their sentiment towards your brand allows you to refine your communication strategy to better protect and enhance your reputation.

Our insights team harmonises new and existing research to uncover the sentiment of key stakeholder groups towards your business.

Tracking these opinions allows management and communications teams to understand your performance against competitors and identify where to focus communications activity for the greatest impact on your reputation.



Refine your messages and campaigns to engage different stakeholder audiences.


Identify opportunities and risks for your brand reputation.


Understand where to focus resource for the greatest impact.

Understand who’s shaping your reputation

Our consultants work with you to develop a brief that’s aligned to your needs. We draw data from multiple sources, including customer satisfaction, brand equity tracking, employee satisfaction and publicly available content (including mainstream media, social media, review sites, parliamentary records and industry reports).

With further human analysis, we provide a long-term and considered view of the key opinion leaders and stakeholder groups who are influencing your reputation.

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Discover the biggest reputational opportunities

Use heatmaps to understand how and why your stakeholder groups are responding to your messages.

Track how this evolves or take a single snapshot in time.

We provide recommendations on where to focus your resource, team and activity – allowing you to refine your communications strategy and inform your management board of areas of opportunity or risk.

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Create the right message for the right audience

Understand how your messages are landing with different groups so that you can refine your message and focus on the most relevant groups.

Track changing sentiment over the long term, and visibly see the impact of your refinements and how other external factors impact the view of your brand.

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Access expert consultancy to support your team

Through our reporting and consultancy, we act as an extension of your team, drawing insight from data to improve the impact of and refine your communications resourcing and strategy.

Our reports are customised to your exact requirements, delivering flexibility around metrics, reporting and data sources.

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