4 steps to proving and improving your value using media monitoring and media analysis

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Maximising your PR and Communications strategy is no easy feat. Given the volume and variety of channels you have to conquer, finding the right path to your audience and delivering your brand messages can seem insurmountable at times. But the right tools can make you much more efficient and make it much easier to get the coverage you need.

So what does the ideal toolkit look like? At Onclusive, we’re aiming to redefine what brands can achieve with earned media through a proven best-in-class product.

But don’t just take our word for it. We are regularly cited as a trusted and effective partner for comms by the G2 Crowd Report for User Satisfaction. G2 analyses the views of thousands of business professionals and is an authority for business leaders looking to invest in software that can make a real difference helping improve and prove their work and the value their team delivers.

We’re proud to say that Onclusive has been voted in the top spot for most categories at G2 year on year. We’d like to show you why. And why we’re not stopping there — but instead building our capabilities.

1. Monitoring

Having a comprehensive and accurate readout of your media activity is a fundamental requirement of effective communications. We’ve created resources that make this valuable information as simple as possible to find, organise and understand.

Our technology, merged with our expert consultancy and support, gives you the ability tomonitor brands, people, competitors, sectors, and more, giving you a detailed real-time picture of the media landscape.

Our automated media monitoring solution uses our proprietary news crawler to capture a phenomenal 6 million pieces of content everyday, more than any other media crawler. This mass of information can be distilled, prioritised and visualised quickly and clearly via our platform.

A more customisable platform is also available for communications leaders wanting more flexibility and consultancy support with their monitoring. This includes the option of easy-to-use briefing reports that can be tailored to your stakeholders’ preference and format.

2. Measurement

The right data is a powerful asset, but being able to interpret your data accurately turns information into insights you can use.

Our analytical toolkit is a powerful resource to measure the impact of your campaigns, letting you see audience numbers, sentiment, and page visits, among many relevant factors. Understanding how your brand compares to peers and competitors, you can assess campaigns for growth opportunities with tools like Power of Voice. This custom metric combines presence, relevance and publication authority into one powerful figure.

How effective are these tools? When accommodation giant Airbnb and genomics company 23andMe teamed up to launch a communications strategy based on the concept of heritage travel, they relied on Onclusive’s measurement tools to optimise their campaign. Their aim was to have consumers engage with their roots via travel experiences based on their ancestry.

With Onclusive, these brands were able to measure the reactions of the media and their audience — including 190 total articles worldwide, 10,200 likes across owned and earned media. Even more telling, there were 2,215 visits to Airbnb and 23andMe’s online properties, which shows how our metrics can help directly impact business outcomes.


3. Research and Consultancy

Our monitoring and measurement tools go hand-in-hand, combining state-of-the-art technology with human expertise and insight. That’s why we’ve invested in our client support and consultancy services to meet your specific needs.

Our approach blends technology with a human touch. It means we’re able to provide distinct and unique insights that simple data analysis may miss. Our people also bring a wealth of experience and sector specialisms, helping our clients understand how the data our platform provides can be used in the most effective way.

Our team, based in eight countries, are fluent in 20 languages and experts in analysing all forms of media. We are here when you need us, whether providing responsive guidance during a crisis, or ongoing consultative support to refine your strategy.

Our objective is to deliver evidence-based insights, revealing opportunities to help you maximise communications impact. We can also help you map the media landscape, keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing complexity of modern channels and how they affect competitive positioning. Our reputation risk analysis also allows you to stay ahead of the curve, uncovering and following new issues which may grow into a threat.

4. PR & Comms Tools

Diving into a PR campaign? We’ll make sure you’re well-equipped. We provide the tools that allow you to plan, optimise your outreach and respond accordingly to sentiment and enquiries. Our Forward Planner tool helps you plan your campaigns up to a year in advance. It’s perfect for anticipating key events and stories so you can plan your coverage.

Our extensive database of journalists will ensure your message is carried loud and clear to the right people, with PR tools that make contacting relevant individuals and finding the right publications second-nature.

And our response desk gives you a fully audited, simple way to respond quickly and efficiently to media developments. You can craft rich press releases with our Newswire application and showcase them via a fully-branded, customisable newsroom. You have all the tools you need to maximise your PR, in one place.


On your side

As you can see, we’ve built our offer around the needs of the modern communicator. It’s a fast-paced and fragmented media landscape that you’re working in; our tools, services and people are all focused on helping you to make sense of things and, ultimately, to prove and improve your value for your business.

Ready to supercharge your communications? Talk to us.