Media Wrapped 2023: Top-Trending Topics, Hashtags, and Media Influencers




As the digital landscape evolves, Onclusive’s social listening tool brings you: Media Wrapped 2023: Top Media Topics, Influencers, and Hashtags of 2023.

Onclusive has wrapped up 2023’s media landscape, revealing the top trends that captivated global audiences across social media platforms. From geopolitics to cultural phenomena and sporting events, here’s a comprehensive look back at the year that brought you, from the Oppenheimer through to the housing crisis and more.


Top-Trending Articles:

  • Palestine-Israel

October saw an unprecedented surge in discussions surrounding with 8,726,165 mentions. The attention and dialogue underscored the sensitivity and significance of the situation.


  • Cultural & Cinematic Impact

Barbie and Oppenheimer stood resilient, contributing significantly to cultural and cinematic conversations, with 9,322,237 and 2,293,041 mentions respectively, highlighting their impact within Ireland’s cultural landscape. Irish born actor, Cillian Murphy also had noteworthy coverage mentions in association with his protagonist role in Oppenheimer.


  • Russia-Ukraine

The ongoing situation between Russia and Ukraine maintained a strong presence of coverage throughout the year with a peak in Irish media of 2,019,540 mentions in February alone, reflecting continued coverage mentions in Ireland in relation to ongoing concerns in global geopolitical affairs.


  • Local Societal Concerns

– Hospital Bed crisis: The ongoing healthcare crisis related to lack of beds, spaces and rooms in Irish hospitals remained a key topic in 2023, with over 459,000 mentions this year.

– Dublin Riots: the disturbances which involved looting and widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure in Irelands capital, as well as a public safety threat, broke out following an incident earlier that day. This event had huge volumes of coverage spanning Twitter through to major media outlets, with a colossal 438,000 mentions on the day and the days following the incident.

– Emigration: remained a topic of conversation in Ireland throughout the year, as the country struggles to keep its young Irish work force. This gathered 93,000 mentions across the year.


Media Impact Within Top Discussions:

Within the context of these influential topics, certain media reporters and outlets showcased substantial reach scores, contributing to the diversification of news sources and audience engagement.

  • Leading the engagement with a substantial impact, remained instrumental in the discussions around these vital topics.
  • and Significantly influenced discussions, engaging audiences amidst impactful conversations.
  • and Contributed notably to these conversations, showcasing their impact within these discussions.


Top Hashtags of 2023

The hashtags #ceasefirenow in relation to the ongoing conflict in the middle- east, #looting and #dublinonfire regarding Dublin Riots, #evictionban amidst the housing crisis, #emigration used with Emigration and Housing Crisis topics, #budget2024 and #healthcrisis associated with the Hospital Beds Crisis, accompanied these topics. This association elucidated the interconnectedness and depth of these critical conversations analysed as part of Media Wrapped.


The year 2023 saw an array of global and local conversations, emphasising the diverse interests, concerns, and the media outlets we relied on to tell these digital narratives. As we navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, these insights serve as a testament to the power of online discourse in reflecting societal, cultural, and political currents.


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