Planning your PR & Comms activity is about to get easier




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The Onclusive Ireland team recently hosted a breakfast briefing for PRCA Board Members. Our Director of Global Forward Planning Services presented an informative session to celebrate the launch of our News & Events Forward Planning service in Ireland. The event was a great opportunity to introduce Onclusive Forward Planning to the Irish market and create an open forum for discussions on how best to strategically plan for maximum impact.


We welcomed a group of senior and influential agency professionals to our Dublin based offices and shared advice on the best use of strategic planning as best practice for PR and Comms teams. Sarah Wait, Director of Global Forward Planning shared how strategic planning has evolved over the last five years in the UK and US. She also shared a case study showcasing how a client has implemented strategic planning across all areas of their business led by the Corporate Communications team and revealed how it improved internal and external comms for the whole organisation.


The team look forward to hosting similar events for senior PR & comms professionals in the future to create open forums to discuss best practices in the industry.


Plan your announcements and campaigns with confidence

Our Forward Planner service has launched in Ireland! Used by journalists, editorial staff and marketing & communications teams, Forward Planner empowers you to gain maximum coverage by approaching journalists before a story breaks.


Get a reliable view of the upcoming Irish news agenda and global market activity to support your campaign decision making, plan with confidence and stay ahead of your competitors.


Access tens of thousands of future news, events and media engagements up to 12 months ahead so you can understand the stories that will shape the news agenda.


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