Q4 2023 CEO Index Quarterly Report – Focus On Ireland




As the business landscape continues to evolve, the CEO Index Quarterly Report guides us through the evolving world of influential leaders and their impact on industries. In this latest edition covering Q4 2023, we uncover the narratives surrounding CEOs prominently featured in top-tier media publications.


Decoding the CEO Index

Curated by Onclusive, the CEO Index serves as a comprehensive analysis, offering a comparative lens on CEO profiles across leading media publications. The report spans prominent indices, including the US Fortune 100, UK FTSE 100, French CAC 40, German DAX 30, Swiss SMI 30, Spanish IBEX 35, Italian IT 40, and Irish Euronext Dublin 20. Meticulously tracking media coverage across the top 165 online news outlets, newspapers, and business magazines in the US and Europe, the report unfolds a rich tapestry of CEO narratives.

An innovative impact scoring system, ranging from -10 to 10, provides nuanced insights into each CEO mention. Factors such as media source reach and authority, prominence within articles, sentiment, and social amplification contribute to the impact score. Categorization of mentions under key topics—financial performance, leadership, sustainability, innovation, and regulation—offers a comprehensive view of CEO narratives.


Irish Focus: Charting Leadership in Ireland

As we delve into the insights provided by the CEO Index Quarterly Report, the spotlight shifts to Ireland, where notable CEOs have left an indelible mark on the media landscape.


  • Michael O’Leary – Ryanair : Michael O’Leary, retaining a top position, showcases leadership prowess at Ryanair. The news of regular dividends for shareholders following record profits and O’Leary’s potential €100m bonus, one of the largest in corporate European history, propels him into media prominence. Ryanair’s strategic decisions and O’Leary’s financial acumen captivate the narrative.


  • Colin Hunt – Allied Irish Banks: Colin Hunt of Allied Irish Banks takes the stage as the Allied Irish Banks’ Climate Conference draws significant media attention. Hunt’s discussion on the group’s target for new lending to accelerate the energy transition, coupled with an increased Climate Action Fund, positions him as a leader steering towards sustainability. Hunt’s role in shaping the bank’s climate-focused initiatives becomes a focal point in Irish media discussions.


  • Myles O’Grady – Bank of Ireland: Myles O’Grady, CEO of Bank of Ireland, features prominently in key stories shaping the Irish business landscape. Decisions to increase staff pay, coupled with rates increases on standard variable mortgages, draw attention. Reports of former CEO Francesca McDonagh’s transition to Group CEO of Universal Investment further underscore O’Grady’s influence. His strategic decisions and their impact on the company’s workforce and financial policies become key talking points in the Irish media.


Unlock the Full Insights

The CEO Index Quarterly Report offers a panoramic view of CEO influence, sector dynamics, and global impact. For an in-depth understanding of the narratives shaping industries, we invite you to access the full report. Click here to download your copy and gain unparalleled insights into the leadership landscape.