July 21, 2022

Building the perfect pitch and nurturing your media relationships

Just like media relations, building a perfect pitch has become both an art and a science. Modern communicators need data-driven strategies to secure high-impact media coverage for their brands.


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Our panellists Anne Keogh, Head of External Relations at Siemens and Samantha Deeks, VP of Customer Experience at Onclusive share best practices for targeting the most impactful journalists, building strong media relationships and consistently delivering compelling stories—powered by data and automation through easy-to-use technology.


In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why data and technology are essential to modern media relations
  • How to identify the most impactful authors & outlets for your brand
  • Best practices for crafting and packaging a compelling pitch
  • How to measure success, optimise your strategies, and nurture media relationships in the long-term


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