April 27, 2022

Changing your measurement mindset: from output to impact


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All you need to know about moving your communications analytics from output to impact.

Our webinar with PRMoment will tell you all you need to know about moving your communications analytics from measurement outputs with a focus on the past, to an insight based approach that focuses on impact – which is crucial for modern, forward-looking integrated communications.

We are joined by guest presenters from Barracuda Networks, ASICS, Meta and IBM to help you improve how you measure the impact of your communications strategy.

Here is what is covered in the webinar:


Changing your measurement mindset: from output to impact
Anna Salter, UK Head of Consultancy at Onclusive

  • How PR can drive consumers to take action, and build brand perceptions
  • Practical and low-cost approaches to measuring the impact of PR
  • Going beyond the consumer – how do you measure your impact on other important stakeholders of your organisation



PR’s role as a lead generator: Barracuda’s data and insights journey
Darshna Kamani, Senior Director, PR & communications, International at Barracuda Networks

  • How to change your comms priorities from output metrics to impact on the business

ASICS’ Upliftford campaign: Uplifting the mood of a town through exercise
Caroline Fisher, Communications Director, Championing Movement for Mind at ASICS

  • How the campaign married social impact objectives with business (sales) objectives

  • Why PR needs to be more ambitious and not hide behind meaningless statistics – that’s when PR gets siloed within an organisation

  • How the campaign increased ASICS market share and brand preference scores

  • Why the campaign has created a blueprint within ASICS and internally has given PR permission to be more ambitious



Understanding the relationship between proxy metrics and measuring true value
Daniel Stauber, Manager, Marketing Science, Agencies EMEA at Meta

  • How to validate your proxy metrics (likes, shares, reach) with your business outcomes

From measurement to insight: why you need to change your measurement mindset
Lucy Linthwaite, Global Hybrid Cloud Geo Communications Leader at IBM

  • Why there’s a big difference between campaign measurement and insight

  • How IBM simplified and streamlined its communication KPIs

  • Why big numbers might make you look good but you can’t do anything with them

  • From measurement to planning and insight: How to make that journey and bring your internal team and agency teams with you

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