September 14, 2023 2:00 pm


Cultivating Journalist Relationships in a Digital First World: 6 Insider Tips

In our on demand webinar, we’re joined by three industry insiders who share their top tips on how you can work smarter to cultivate positive, mutually beneficial, and long-lasting journalist relationships that benefit the brands you work for.


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Journalism and PR co-exist in an ever-changing, digital first world that’s transforming and reshaping the way information is disseminated, received, and perceived; making way for new opportunities and challenges on both sides.

Journalists are expected to be more versatile in what they report on and how they do it – skilled not only in writing but also in video production, data analysis, and interactive content creation in the battle for audience attention. And the rise of fake news and misinformation means that the need to fact-check and verify information is more important than ever. It’s no surprise that they have little patience for ‘news’ that doesn’t hit the mark.

What does this mean for PR and media relations pros today?

  • Increasing pressure to tune into the direct editorial needs of journalists.
  • Understanding the preferences of different key journalists is a must.
  • A personalised approach has become essential (and time consuming).
  • Responsiveness and collaboration across media relations teams is non-negotiable.
  • Standing out in a sea of endless PR is becoming harder and harder.
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