November 9, 2022 12:00 am


Instilling a measurement mindset series with Lloyds Banking Group


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Instilling a measurement mindset webinar series

How can communications leaders foster a culture of insights excellence across their teams?

To celebrate AMEC Measurement Month we’ll be joined by experts in communications insights from leading brands, Lloyds Banking Group and Shell PLC in a two-part webinar series to hear the steps they’ve taken and their future plans to better leverage data and insights to drive and optimise their communications strategies.


Lloyds Banking Group

During this 30 minute webinar Scott James will explore:

  • Transforming reputation management to get a seat at the board and influence decision making
  • Campaign planning and activation to support brand reputation
  • How to successfully measure impact across campaigns
Anna Salter, UK Head of Consultancy

Anna Salter

UK Head of Consultancy, Onclusive

Scott James

Head of Reputation Strategy and Planning, Lloyds Banking Group

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