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Media Trends and Predictions 2021

Media & Me: Boosting brand reputation in a personalised world

Data is at the heart of addressable advertising. But with opportunity comes risk

As advertisers and agencies find new ways to reach consumers in an addressable world our latest report considers: 

  • How do you keep advertising on the right side of the line between relevance and an unwelcome pursuit? 
  • How can brands ensure they advertise in a privacy-safe way? 
  • How can data be valued across your business? 
  • Why is ‘in-housing’ a positive? 

As consumers use more connected personal devices to organise, curate and discover media the opportunities to reach them through advertising explodes. We’ve created this report to examine where data can best be leveraged in the pursuit of delivering better advertising. 

The power of data: delivering better advertising in an addressable world is a summary of research from 8,000 consumers and interviews with some of the world’s leading thinkers in media planning and buying. Our findings present important considerations including: 

  • Relevance and instructiveness – keeping advertising on the right side of the line 
  • Bridging the gap between media planning and programmatic media buying 
  • Collect and using data responsibly, in a privacy-safe way
  • Restoring consumer confidence in advertising 

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