Get Ahead of a PR Crisis: 7 Social Listening Best Practices




Social Listening Strategies for Crisis Management

Social media enables conversations and opinions to spread like wildfire. A single incident can prove detrimental to a brand in a matter of minutes – not just in terms of brand perception but also sales – and be remembered for years to come.  A modern-day PR Crisis has become even more difficult to manage as channels of communication have evolved and changed.

With intelligent social media monitoring and listening technology, PR, Comms, and Crisis management teams have the tools they need to understand who’s talking about their brands, what they’re saying, where they’re saying it, and the sentiment behind it. Armed with this knowledge, brands can understand and get ahead of a potential crisis and act before it gains momentum.  

Our Guide ‘Get Ahead of a PR Crisis: 7 Social Listening Best Practices’ shows you how to: 

#1: Identify & Monitor Potential Sources & Stakeholders, including Organisational Leaders 

#2: Monitor & Benchmark beyond Your Sector 

#3: Define KPIs & Set Customised Monitoring Alerts  

#4: Determine the types of Deliverables, their KPIs, & their Frequencies 

#5: Evaluate the Severity of Your Brand “Crisis” 

#6: Measure the Impact of a Crisis on Earned Media, Owned Media, & Google Search 

#7: Analyse Data & Share Information 

You’ll also glean insights into how social listening has helped our clients to respond in potential crisis situations. 

Download Get Ahead of a PR Crisis: 7 Social Listening Best Practices now to keep your brands ahead of any incoming crisis. 

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