Social Listening Platform

Monitor, analyze, and report on your brand across the world's most popular social networks

Our award-winning social media listening platform, powered by Digimind, transforms social media data into actionable insights for PR and communications teams; helping them to make informed decisions that drive impactful communications strategies.  

Unlike other social listening platforms on the market, our customers have a complete social media view like never before – covering all social media platforms including LinkedIn and TikTok – they can understand what’s being said about their brands and the sentiment behind those conversations.

25+ global & regional social media channels & 850M+ online sources including TikTok & LinkedIn, with two years of past data available.

Integrate our easy-to-use platform seamlessly with existing ecosystems and collaboration applications.

Generate compelling reports with pre-built or customized dashboards with 900+ data visualization graphs.

Spend less time on manual tasks & let AI tech do the heavy lifting with smart tagging, sentiment analysis, & visual listening.

Monitor Brand Reputation & Analyze Sentiment

Be agile and proactive when it comes to managing brand reputation. 

  • Understand who’s talking about your brand, competitors, and what they’re saying. 
  • Use sentiment analysis of conversations to craft content that fully resonates with your audience.  
  • Benchmark brand sentiment by topic to understand how consumers perceive your brand in relation to key social issues. Use this data to highlight gaps you can fill with your communications. 
  • Discover opportunities and risks that are beginning to bubble up on social. 


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Onclusive Crisis Detection

Detect & Respond to Crises in Real-Time

Adopt a proactive response to potential crisis situations.

  • Detect weak signals on new key concepts, hashtags, and AI-powered sentiment analysis about your brand by applying our 5W (What, When, Where, Who, How) analysis.
  • Receive real-time alerts when peaks of negative sentiment activity, keywords, topics, or hashtags arise. 
  • Identify individuals and key media involved with the spread of negative sentiment news. 
  • Create a customized crisis detection dashboard in minutes. Know who triggered the crisis, where it spread, and the impact of the actions you took to prevent it.


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Onclusive Influencer Identification

Identify Key Influencers

Keep track of potential influencers and detractors to build and nurture your online communities. 

  • Segment potential influencers and key opinion leaders based on geography, reach, engagement, and brand affinity. 
  • Filter and sort brand mentions by geography, reach, engagement, and tone to identify emerging influencers and engage with them through the platform. 
  • Identify and monitor detractors to understand who they are, their concerns about your brand, and develop strategies to turn them into advocates. 
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Onclusive Trend Targeting

Track Industry & Competitor Trends

Be the first to know about new trends, stay one step ahead of your competitors, and lead the way with timely, relevant communications. 

  • Track, understand, and take advantage of popular topics and emerging trends that are relevant to your industry or brand. 
  • Go further to see what’s popular amongst consumers and key influencers too. 
  • Build target media lists by identifying which media and thought leaders write about your industry. 
  • Identify stories closely associated to competitor brands for a clearer picture of your competitive landscape.


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Onclusive Campaign Performance

Measure & Report on Campaign Performance

Maximize and evaluate campaign impact and ROI with accurate metrics and insights that really matter. 

  • Understand how to amplify your reach and engagement by tracking campaign buzz and audience reactions in real time – then fine tune your communications to improve impact. 
  • Identify your best performing campaigns and use this knowledge to drive future communications strategy. 
  • Segregate campaign analysis by location, media, and more with customized dashboards and filters. 


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Onclusive Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Benchmark your performance. 

  • Compare consumer sentiment towards your brand against that of your competitors with our proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI capabilities in 82 languages. 
  • Use deep comparison to benchmark your owned and earned media performance against your competitors’. 
  • Build a picture of your competitors’ communication strategies and use this knowledge to outperform them and gain industry share of voice in the long-term. 
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One thing I particularly like is that regardless of any team using it, we have access to real-time alerts, and that helps us to keep abreast of anything happening in the industry at any one point in time.”

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