Your 5-Step Guide to Outwitting Your Competitors with Horizon Scanning




Read our guide to unlock the 5 key steps of effective horizon scanning


As PR, Comms and Marketing teams, you can provide consumer and industry insights that help amplify your brands through horizon scanning. Understanding what’s coming is one of the smartest ways to outwit competition and win business.  


By looking strategically ahead, you can decide how to capitalise on the future news agenda, upcoming trends, and changing stakeholder sentiment. The key is to know how to gather this data and act on it. We’re here to help make it simple!  


In our latest guide, we’ve defined five cutting-edge horizon scanning tactics to elevate your planning strategies in the coming year. These include:  

  • How to navigate the horizon for your brand and industry   
  • Anticipating events that will impact your brand   
  • How to identify emerging industry and consumer trends 
  • Discovering what’s new with stakeholders and consumers 
  • Predicting potential crises ahead of time   
  • And more! 


Inside, you can access our key tips for making data-driven decisions and how to use insights from your horizon scanning efforts to boost your comms value and competitive edge. 


If you want to improve the effectiveness of your insights, monitoring and planning tools (or discover new features) get your copy of our guide now: ‘5 Cutting-Edge Horizon Scanning Tactics to Outshine Your Competition’ 


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