Onclusive Clips #4 – Tackling Common Comms Challenges




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PR Manager – Tackling Common Comms Challenges

When it comes to securing coverage, comms teams are working in an increasingly challenging media world impacted by:​

  • Declining numbers of local journalists​
  • Journalists and reporters changing roles frequently​
  • An abundance of PR noise to compete with​
  • Releases and announcements being ignored by journalists​
  • Lack of evidence to prove the impact of PR activities​
  • Limited bandwidth to pursue opportunities that matter​

In this episode we will talk about the key issues you face with managing PR workflows and journalist relations, with a special focus on how our PR Manager features add value.

In this video blog series – Onclusive Clips – our thought leaders tackle the big questions taking root in our digital-first media world. We speak to seasoned PR & Media Monitoring experts to gain actionable insight into the main challenges faced by Comms and Marketing professionals. We also use the space to shine a light on what we do and why we do it!

A lot of the clients that move over to PR manager – one of the biggest challenges they have is just getting organised. We would find that they were coming over to us with information in multiple places. They were getting very segmented views of everything that was going on.” – Sinthu Satchi