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Dive into the dynamic world of political events with Politicomms, the podcast that explores the intersection of politics and communications. Sponsored by Onclusive, Politicomms is hosted by seasoned communications professionals who provide expert analysis on how strategic messaging shapes political landscapes.



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Why Listen to Politicomms?

Politicomms offers insightful discussions and in-depth analysis of key political events, starting with the UK General Election. Our hosts break down the communications strategies, media tactics, and public relations efforts that influence public opinion and election outcomes. Whether you’re a communications enthusiast, a political junkie, or curious about behind-the-scenes political dynamics, Politicomms delivers a fresh perspective on the power of communication in politics.


Key Features:

  • Expert Hosts: Learn from experienced communications professionals with deep insights into political strategy.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Understand the messaging, media tactics, and PR maneuvers that shape political events.
  • Timely Discussions: Stay updated on the latest developments in political communications and their impact on elections.
  • Exclusive Interviews: Hear from influential figures in politics and communications who provide unique perspectives.


Your Hosts:

  • Jack Richards is Global Head of Integrated and Field Marketing at Onclusive. Jack is affiliated with the Liberal Democrats. He has acted as a communications consultant for various constituencies and candidates, and supported numerous campaigns.
  • Stephen Canning is a seasoned communications professional with an extensive background in public relations and corporate affairs. His experience includes time spent at professional services firm PwC, McDonalds, and serving as Head of External Affairs at a large UK charity. In addition to being a councillor in Essex for a decade, Stephen has held various roles in the Conservative Party, including working for a Cabinet Minister, on the 2015 election campaign in Conservative Party HQ, and on Theresa May’s leadership campaign. Stephen also served on the board of youth political engagement charity My Life My Say.
  • Elena Campbell is a consultant at leading integrated communications firm, Atticus Partners. A public affairs professional, Campbell has had two short stints working for the Labour Party, and indeed for Kier Starmer himself – firstly on his general election policy team, and later as his constituency assistant. Campbell sits as a member of the PRCA Next Gen group.


Topics We Cover:

  • Political communications
  • UK General Election
  • Political campaigns
  • Media tactics
  • Public relations
  • Communications strategy
  • Election coverage
  • Political PR
  • Campaign messaging
  • Social media in politics
  • Crisis communication
  • Political branding
  • Digital campaigning
  • Political analysis
  • Election strategies


Episode Library:

Stay tuned for our upcoming episodes and be part of the conversation that deciphers the power of communication in politics.

Introducing: Politicomms

Episode 1 Behind the Mic: Meet Your Hosts

Episode 2 1 Week Down, Time to Go?

Episode 3 Debate Debrief: Mastering the Message

Episode 4 The Pulse of Public Opinion: Opinium’s Take on Election Comms

Episode 5 D-Day Debacle, Manifeto Musings and Spend Speculation

Episode 6 Media, Messaging and Manifestos with Leon Cook

Episode 7 Manifest…oh: A quiet week in politics

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