Travel & Hospitality Sector Leads in Media Mentions for Ireland




Travel & Hospitality Sector Leads in Media Mentions for Ireland

Media trends are always going to impact how much attention businesses and their CEOs receive. If there is an ongoing banking crisis, then the media mentions of banking firms and financial institutions are likely to increase. As PR and Comms professionals, we need to be able to both keep up to date with media trends and have the ability to monitor media mentions and the news surrounding your business and its leader. 

This month Onclusive launched our CEO Index which analyses how CEOs from the US and Europe’s biggest listed companies are performing in the media and the impact they are making. The CEO Index is not only a great benchmarking tool for CEOs, but also a good indicator of media trends in each country.  

Top media mentions in the CEO Index report for Ireland?

Our CEO Index report for Q1 also showed a clear winner in media mentions regarding sector; the CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, was the top-ranking CEO in media mentions. The most prominent sector for Ireland was Travel & Hospitality, with 357 media mentions. This far exceeds the coverage of the next most prominent sector on the Index – Banking, Insurance & Finance – which had only 57 mentions in comparison. These insights give an indication that there was a deliberate trend in the media towards a particular sector, which will help you tailor your own PR and comms approach.  

Should you tailor your press releases to focus on sector specific topics?  

Are you a comms team working in the Travel & Hospitality sector that need to monitor your reputation indicators more closely?  

The increased mentions for the Travel & Hospitality sector can be attributed to many factors including reported profits, effects on climate change, and CEO visibility. The report shows Ryanair’s record profit of €211m for the last three months of 2022, boosted the businesses media presence significantly in January. March also saw the Ryanair’s CEO prominent in the media, featuring in relation to subjects including French airport strikes, drone disruption, the Cheltenham Festival, and an aircraft supply deal with Boeing.   

The CEO of AerCap, Aengus Kelly, was mentioned in connection with AerCap’s Q4 results where the firm reported a net income of $495m. The CEO’s presence in the media was also blustered by his comments that an investment of up to $1.5 trillion may be required over the next 30 years if the world is to transition to sustainable aviation fuel.  

How to spot a media trend? 

The term “media trend” refers to a general pattern or direction in which various forms of media, such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and online platforms, are evolving and changing over time.  

Media trends are driven by a combination of factors, including advances in technology, changes in consumer behaviour, cultural and societal shifts, and economic and political developments. Organisations who are aware of and able to adapt to these trends are likely to be successful in their efforts to reach audiences in today’s rapidly changing media landscape. 

You can spot media trends by: 

Interested in viewing media mentions by sector? Check out the new Onclusive’s CEO Index.