Onclusive's CEO Index

The CEO Index analyzes media coverage about the leaders of the US and Europe’s largest publicly listed companies

Media Performance of the World’s Top CEOs

Ever-increasing access to the CEOs behind the world’s biggest brands means that everything they say and how they behave not only defines the public’s perception of them, but also the reputations of the organizations they lead. And as corporate reputation is now a key driver of business performance, there’s plenty at stake for brands whose CEOs are consistently under the spotlight.

Our CEO Index analyses earned media coverage of today’s most recognized and scrutinized CEOs. In an instant, you can identify:

• Who’s gaining the highest volume of media coverage in each country and sector,
• What global themes each CEO is being associated with,
• The effectiveness of their earned media coverage/mentions by means of an average ‘impact score’.

This tells an interesting story of the global CEO landscape; identifying who’s gaining the most media coverage in each sector, market, on a global scale, and the relationship with business performance.

Inside the dashboard below, you can search five different categories including company name, CEO, sector, theme, and location across your chosen date range to see how different CEOs are performing and ranking.

You’ll also see news headlines, featuring the CEOs, in the scrolling tickertape at the top of the dashboard, which is automatically tailored to your search criteria.

Read our latest CEO Index report, which examines how the world’s top CEOs performed in the media between July – September 2023. 


CEO Index Report Q4 2024

CEO Index Report Q4 2023 CEOs that made the biggest global and local impact in Q3 2023 revealed! Discover how CEOs in the Banking and Finance sector performed and what themes were most widely discussed.

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CEO Index Report Q3 2023

Find out which of the world's leading CEOs have been making the biggest impact in the media and why between July-October. This quarter, we have a spotlight focus on the Automotive sector and the theme of 'regulation'.

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CEO Index Report Q2 2023

Inside our latest report, see how the world's most prominent CEOs ranked in the media between April-June 2023. This quarter we shine the spotlight on the Consumer Goods sector and theme of 'innovation'.

CEO Index by Onclusive

CEO Index Report Q1 2023

Discover the emerging trends from our analysis of media engagement of CEOs from Jan-April 2023.

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CEO Index Methodology  

The CEO Index from Onclusive measures media coverage of the CEOs from the US Fortune 100, UK FTSE 100, French CAC 40, German DAX 40, Swiss SMI 30, Spanish IBEX 35, Italian IT 40 and Irish Euronext Dublin 20.

The analysis is based on the top 165 online news, newspapers, and business magazines across the US and Europe. The data is updated monthly.

An impact score is applied to each CEO mention calculated by media source reach and authority, prominence of CEO within the article, sentiment, and social amplification.

Volumes refer to the number of CEO mentions.

All CEO mentions are tagged in relation to five key topics:

      • Financial Performance: financial results, investment rounds, and stock prices
      • Leadership: Strategy, M&A, thought leadership, relations with senior industry leaders, and shareholders
      • Sustainability: Environment, diversity and inclusion, employee and supplier engagement, and fairness
      • Innovation: New tech, R&D, product launches, and design
      • Regulation: Political & public affairs, transparency, governance, and litigation