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Plan with confidence

Access the complete news agenda over the next 12 months with our rich database of 120,000+ news items and events.

Plan your communications and marketing campaigns around the current news and maximize the impact of your stories.

Gain insight into the media agenda at a global or even national level with our US forward planning service, available through our collaboration with The Associated Press. Customize the level and type of content you can access to meet your specific planning requirements.




Search news and events by date, business, industry, event type, geography and more


Use intuitive filter and alert functionality


Combine your own events and AP Planner items for a single view of upcoming activity


Custom APIs and feeds to deliver data straight to your internal planning tools

Unrivaled insight of the media agenda

Every day we verify data from thousands of sources, capturing forthcoming reports, surveys, launches, financial results, legislative announcements, and industry conferences. 

Explore 120,000+ future events across 150 categories, covering News and Current Affairs; Politics and Election tracking; Entertainment, Culture and Lifestyle; Sport; local and global Trade and Consumer conferences and exhibitions; and Economic Indicators as well as over 10,000 global stocks and their corporate actions, IPOs, M&A, broker conferences and key board personnel changes.

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Stay ahead of your competitors

With a comprehensive and up-to-date view of news and events, you can plan with confidence and gain the edge over your competitors. 

The service is accessed via the AP Planner platform, and can also be delivered via custom APIs and feeds.

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Drive improved media engagement

Used by editorial teams across national media outlets, you can engage more effectively with the media knowing the stories that are top of mind for them, and avoid conflicts with your own communications activity. 

Approach journalists ahead of a news story going live to increase your coverage, and build more meaningful media relationships. 

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Plan in collaboration

Combine internal events and activities with data from the external Onclusive database to create a “single source of truth”. This data can then be used to build a variety of reports aimed at supporting strategic communications planning, which can be restricted to control viewing and editing rights.

To aid filtering and add a visual guide to these reports, custom filters can be applied to the data to group specific types of content, for example by marketing priority or team.

Interrelated Grid Reports link comms plans across teams and products, encouraging cross-team collaboration, while Diary Reports are used to inform stakeholders of top-level outlines. Elsewhere, Campaign Reports can be used to display all events related to a specific campaign; Horizon Planners offer a simple long-term overview of comms plans; and Channel Reports show activities from different areas of the business around a key priority.

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Never miss an opportunity – Plan to Succeed

AP Planner is used across multiple newsrooms for editorial content planning on a daily basis. Send press releases to for consideration to be included on the service.

Raise your organization or client’s profile to a wider media audience. Create custom alerts on upcoming news events and/or industry events so you can be ahead of your competitors.

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In 2023, Onclusive Forward Planning celebrates 25 years of providing content to editorial, communications and marketing teams large and small, while in the US we are celebrating 15 years of collaboration with The Associated Press.

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