3 Keys to the Virtuous PR Cycle



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When it comes to PRTech, there are two key components to achieving success in this new world order: Technological investment and human capital.

The problems tend to arise when PR loses sight of the human component and only focuses on the shiny, new tools in the PRTech ecosystem.

Technological innovation is powerful, but all the tech in the world won’t replace the human brain. PR still needs critical thinking and deductive reasoning to figure out the story in the data technology provides.

Leveraging PR measurement technology solutions are no exception to this rule. They can be extremely helpful in automating activities that pull you away from relationship building and strategic planning, so why do many in PR shy away from shining the PR measurement spotlight on their efforts?

The fear of not measuring up is real, but we want to show you how taking 3 steps after planning and execution will spur a continuous cycle of optimized PR guaranteed to make you look like the rock star you are.

Let us walk you through it:

1. Measure First: Measurement should inform if you are meeting your goals.

2. Evaluate Second: Evaluation should signal what tactics to continue to use, which actions to add in, and where you should make strategic cuts.

3. Empower Always: Empowerment should position you to do everything more effectively.

So why are evaluation and empowerment such crucial counterparts to PR measurement? Let’s dive in.

Why Evaluation Is Crucial

  • It enables systematic determination of a PR activity’s merit, worth, and significance
  • It offers an assessment tool to aid in future decision making
  • It provides insight into the degree of achievement or value as it relates to main business objectives
  • It facilitates reflection to assist in the identification of areas in need of change
  • It produces a structured interpretation of what was accomplished as it relates to the original predictions while drawing lessons from completed actions or project

The result of evaluation? EMPOWERMENT!

Element of Empowerment (2)

The complementary elements of evaluation and empowerment, when executed in conjunction with PR measurement, spur a beneficial loop known as the Virtuous PR Cycle.

Each component of the cycle has a positive effect of the next and plays an integral role in assisting PR pros in continuously executing the most impactful PR.
Virtuous PR CycleAs you can see, when measurement, evaluation, and empowerment work together, PR becomes a self-perpetuating ecosystem opportunity.

Finally, PR can stop fearing measurement and embrace it as its greatest source of insight and information.

Measurement will surface which PR and communications activities are most effective for your brand. Evaluation will reveal what opportunities are being missed and where to gain mindshare. Empowerment will position you to demonstrate how PR efforts translate to business impact and value.

Welcome to virtuous PR. We’re thrilled you’re here.