June 29, 2022 1:00 pm

Measuring Up To Marketing: How PR Fits Into The Mix

While PR has recently grown in importance, there is still uncertainty around measuring its value and aligning those measurements with marketing & business success metrics. Today’s executive team needs to see PR as a business growth driver, but communicators have struggled to provide the same attribution for consumer behavior and revenue contribution as their marketing colleagues. During this webinar, we’ll discuss best practices for PR to measure and report into the C-suite and how to think about performance and metrics in ways that are more comparable to marketing.

Amy Aylward

Senior Director, External Communications at Extreme Networks

Amy Aylward leads Extreme's external communications team. She is responsible for public relations and social media strategy. Amy is an experienced marketing and communications professional with experience in all things high tech as well as design, media, and creative industries. She previously held leadership roles at several PR agencies, Veracode, Monotype, and Avid.

Roxane Papagiannopoulos

Account Director of Customer Success, Onclusive

Roxane Papagiannopoulos is an Account Director of Customer Service with over 20 years’ experience in the PR software industry. She has experience on all sides of the customer experience including founding her own media analysis business, as global business manager of PR product development at NASDAQ and most recently heading up the PRgloo business in the US prior to the merger and creation of the new Onclusive.


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June 8, 2022 12:00 pm

How Earned Media Drives Consumer Behavior: A Quantitative Analysis

The impact of PR on consumer behavior used to be a “black box”. That’s why Onclusive invented PR Attribution™ to connect earned and owned media content to outcomes – measuring how many times people, after having read an article about your brand, eventually visit your website and which actions they take. We recently analyzed our PR Attribution™ data and uncovered some surprising insights that could change how PR pros approach their strategies. During this webinar, our panel of communications and data experts will reveal how earned media drives consumer behavior based on the findings from over 100,000 media articles published in 2021 that covered both business-to-consumer and business-to-business brands across a wide range of industries.

Frank Mulhern, PhD

Associate Dean of Research and Professor at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Media and Integrated Communications.

Frank Mulhern is Associate Dean of Research and Professor at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Media and Integrated Communications. Mulhern specializes in research on the economics of marketing, the impact of new media technologies on marketing communications and the measurement of advertising and promotion effects, particularly in retail environments. He is the co-author of the textbook, “Marketing Communications: Integrated Theory, Strategy and Tactics and was previously on the faculty at the Smeal College of Business Administration at Pennsylvania State University.


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March 25, 2021


It’s been quite the year for PR professionals. We get it. Public Relations teams are focused on campaigns that are based on data-driven, real-time, iterative storytelling with metrics that help to manage crises, get ahead of the competition, and accelerate activities that impact the business bottom line. But how do you show how you’ve helped to impact your business?


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March 12, 2020


The ability to attribute the impact of content to actual business outcomes is the link that has long been missing from PR measurement. Yet, pinpointing which stories get people to take action is critical to developing winning PR and content strategies. That’s why Onclusive invented PR Attribution™ and, as a result of analyzing billions of articles and evolving its attribution technology over the last eight years, has the most comprehensive and accurate solution available today.


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February 27, 2019


Do you measure the quality of your content? Increasingly in PR and communications, simply measuring the quantity of content that you publish or the number of earned media pieces you garner is not enough. To truly measure which content is achieving your objectives, brands need a metric that incorporates quality and demonstrates what is working and what is not – a metric that can identify the most impactful elements of your communications and shape future strategy for campaigns, messaging, and media relations outreach. That’s why Onclusive invented Power of Voice™ – the leading content quality metric for PR and communications.


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March 19, 2019


How does a global brand standardize on a single PR metric? Experian, a global leader in consumer and business credit reporting and marketing services with offices in 39 countries, helps millions of consumers and businesses use the power of data and technology to make financial decisions and reduce risk. Having so many constituents can make external communications a challenge. First, you need to know which stories to tell, then you need a unified way of measuring the quality of those stories at a global scale.


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