Whitepapers  / July 22, 2021

How to Optimize Messaging and Soundbites to Drive Success

Clear and compelling messaging is essential to achieving impact with marketing, communications and branding. Strategic messaging enables you to create brand awareness, convey who you are as a business to your intended audience and develop the emotional connection that influences…

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Whitepapers  / June 17, 2021

PR Campaign Planning: Why Analytics is Key to Success

An impactful PR campaign can attract positive media attention and influence brand awareness, reputation and sales for your brand for years to come. However, to generate that level of clout, PR campaigns require more than just a press release, media…

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Whitepapers  / May 13, 2021

Crisis Communications: Preparation and Management Essentials

While a corporate crisis can be one of the most difficult situations for PR pros to navigate, every company and every communications team must be prepared to handle one at any moment. Crises require rapid, carefully thought out and consistent…

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Whitepapers  / May 10, 2021

Technology News Releases: Can you get them noticed? Data says ‘yes.’

What makes a technology news release stand out in a sea of tech news? To find out, we partnered with Business Wire to analyze, measure and explore how news releases drive earned and syndicated media, along with social media engagement.…

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Whitepapers  / March 26, 2021

The Growth PR Playbook

What a few years it’s been for Public Relations. Although PR and communications have always been and will always be about telling company and brand stories and managing reputation, the ways of creating, controlling, and amplifying those stories, in addition…

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Whitepapers  / March 17, 2021

The Complete Guide to Building an Impactful Relationship with your PR Agency

A successful communications strategy is the driving force behind building trust among all of your stakeholders, enhancing your corporate reputation and establishing your company as a leader in your industry. A strong PR agency that aligns with and understands your…

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Whitepapers  / February 8, 2021

The Executive’s Guide to Building and Leading an Impactful Communications Department

Strategic communications holds the keys to your biggest brand asset—your corporate reputation. However, all too often there is a disconnect between executive leadership and communications departments. Communications’ contributions may get lost in translation, making them vulnerable to budget and headcount…

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Whitepapers  / December 23, 2020

Biotech and Healthcare News: Five ways to inject impact into your press releases

How can you use industry performance metrics to benefit your news releases?What should you consider when preparing your news to have the desired impact? When spin and positioning in news can directly affect patient lives, it’s clear that healthcare and…

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Whitepapers  / November 10, 2020

Media Monitoring Comparison Report

Are you looking for an objective media monitoring and PR analytics software comparison,based on real customer reviews? Look no further! G2 Crowd, the leading independent business software review company, hascompiled a report that compares Onclusive, Meltwater, Cision and Muck Rack,…

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