Blogs  / October 12, 2021

Why a business case may be the missing key to securing your PR budget

Whether you’re working for an organization big or small, you know that those initiatives that call for a significant business investment require the support of an executive team. To get C-suite approval, it is often necessary to demonstrate why the…

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Blogs  / October 7, 2021

Journalist Relationship Management For More Media Placements

Not all media contact and outreach tools for communicators are created equal. While an accurate and comprehensive media database is the first cornerstone to growing your brand presence and reputation, you also need a robust relationship management platform to send…

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Blogs  / October 4, 2021

Get Ahead With the Most Current Media Database in the Industry

Media relations is one of the PR team’s essential functions, and having access to a reliable and accurate media contact database is a must in today’s dynamic environment. With millions of reporters, influencers and bloggers out there, it’s increasingly important…

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Blogs  / September 27, 2021

Unlock Your Social Media Potential With Onclusive’s Social Listening

As social media strategy contributors, communications pros know how important it is to keep tabs on trending conversations, stay tuned to what the competition is doing, engage key audiences, and amplify brand visibility through social influencers. However, given millions of…

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Blogs  / September 16, 2021

Metrics that matter to optimize your content strategy

Welcome back to our blog series about earned media strategy and measurement! This week, we’re concluding the series with an overview of how to measure earned media success and optimize your strategy using these data and insights. The shift toward…

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Blogs  / September 14, 2021

Onclusive Launches Social Listening and Verified Media Database

I am excited to announce that today we have released several powerful new capabilities in the Onclusive platform. In addition to existing earned and owned media analytics and reporting features, Onclusive’s PR software now includes a human-verified media contact database,…

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Blogs  / September 7, 2021

Implementing a comprehensive content distribution plan

In this week’s blog about earned media strategy and measurement, we’re talking about developing and implementing a content distribution plan that uses every opportunity to showcase your stories in front of your key audiences.  First things first: determining the best…

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Blogs  / August 17, 2021

Let the Sun Shine: Restricting the Press Restricts Markets

An important article by Bloomberg, “Investors Are Ignoring a Dangerous Crackdown on Press Freedom,” recently caught my eye.  I’d recommend reading the whole story, but a few things stood out to me: “More journalists than ever were in jail last…

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Blogs  / August 10, 2021

Developing your content strategy to become a trusted expert

Welcome back to our blog series about earned media strategy and measurement! This week, we’re focusing on one of the primary functions of communications and PR—producing impactful content that resonates with your brand’s key audiences. Creating content that moves the…

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