The Executive’s Guide to Building & Leading an Impactful Communications Team



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In many organizations, a major fragmentation exists between the communications department and executive leadership. The communications team may not be held accountable for contributing to corporate and financial goals, so oftentimes, the department is either held to a lesser standard and operates in a vacuum rather than being seen as a strategic partner. As a result of this diminished perception, communications departments often become vulnerable to budget and headcount cuts.

Join David Chun of Equilar, Lona Therrien of Mimecast, and Dan Beltramo & Kelly Byrd of Onclusive as they discuss how executives can better engage with their communications departments and ensure the department’s KPIs are aligned with company goals. The session offers both the executive and communications professionals’ perspectives on engagement best practices and how to lead a successful corporate communications operation.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to cultivate a productive relationship between a communications team and executive team
  • Processes to set your communications goals & budget that are aligned with your key business objectives
  • How to identify the communications KPIs to measure and motivate teams to achieve them
  • Insight into building an impactful communications team with examples of what did and did not work