CEO Index Report: Q3




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Media Performance of the World’s Top CEOs: Q3 2023

In an era characterised by round-the-clock news cycles, CEOs wield unprecedented influence over the perception of their brands. Their actions, statements, and public appearances can either enhance or jeopardise the reputation of an organization. Recognising the intricacies of earned media mentions is not just a strategic advantage; it’s an essential requirement for forward-thinking PR and Communications professionals.

Onclusive’s CEO Index dashboard measures, analyses, and compares earned media coverage related to the top CEOs from some of the UK’s largest publicly listed companies. These valuable insights inform our quarterly comparative reports, which are readily available for your access!


Within our latest CEO Index report for Q3, you’ll uncover:

  • Identification of the CEO with the most significant global impact score and their regional influence.
  • Insights into which sectors and regions featured the most prominent CEOs in media discussions.
  • An exploration of the prevalent themes associated with CEOs in the media.
  • A breakdown of which CEOs made the most substantial impact both globally and nationally.
  • A comparison of media coverage for CEOs in the Automotive sector.
  • An assessment of how CEOs performed in discussions related to the theme of ‘Regulation.’


Download our report to gain a comprehensive understanding of the performance and factors contributing to the prominence of the leading figures in the UK.

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