CEO Index Report: Q3




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Media Performance of the World’s Top CEOs: Q3 2023

In the era of 24/7 news cycles and instant social media updates, CEOs wield unprecedented influence over brand perception. Their actions, statements, and public appearances can either bolster or jeopardize the reputation of an organization. Understanding the intricacies of earned media mentions is not just a strategic advantage; it’s a necessity for forward-thinking PR and Comms professionals.


Onclusive’s CEO Index dashboard measures, analyses, and compares earned media coverage about the world’s top CEOs from the US and Europe’s biggest listed companies – all these insights feed into our quarterly comparative reports which you can access now!


Inside our latest CEO Index report for Q3, you’ll uncover:

  • Which CEO had the greatest impact score globally and within their region
  • Which sectors and countries had the most talked about CEOs in the media
  • What themes were most widely discussed in relation to CEOs
  • Which CEOs made the biggest impact on a global and national scale
  • How CEOs in the Automotive sector compare in terms of coverage
  • How CEOs faired when mentioned alongside the theme of ‘Regulation’

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