How it Works

How it Works

Onclusive NewsCrawler

Onclusive is the first technology to bring big data and artificial intelligence to the communications industry. At the core of the Onclusive platform is a proprietary newscrawler which captures millions of pieces of earned, owned, and amplified content each month – more content than any other source. Onclusive then organizes, scores and enriches each piece of content based on dozens of dimensions, making the information accessible for aggregate and article-level analysis.

Onclusive uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning-based sentiment analysis to quickly and accurately understand the tone of earned media coverage. In addition to overall article sentiment, Onclusive also provides sentiment analysis for persons, places, and things. For example, we can provide sentiment analysis not only for spokespersons mentioned in an article, but also competitor brands, other company brands, locations etc.

Finally, Onclusive leverages a proprietary tagging technology to connect readers of this content to specific website traffic, and the resulting website actions these readers have taken. We leverage the industry’s first and most advanced communications attribution model to match exposure to content to business outcomes, as defined by our users.

The result is unmatched visibility, unprecedented insights, and the confidence to make decisions with the metrics that matter.