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Our expert editors and researchers verify information and coverage to deliver you with curated editorial solutions, accurate media contacts and forward planning information. Helping you plan, target and manage your communications and press activity with greater confidence and ease.

Through their work, our editors and researchers demonstrate the important role that human expertise plays in providing you with industry-leading products, services and support to meet your changing needs.

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Our editors act as an extension of your team, curating your media coverage to identify the most pertinent information for you and your internal stakeholders.

With a deep understanding of different industry sectors and covering multiple languages, our editors work with you to ensure important information is shared in Media Briefing reports as and when you need it.

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Our research teams add value to the products and services you rely on everyday.

They work around the clock to find and verify media contacts using multiple sources. Through their extensive research, they continuously add to our growing media contact database to ensure you have access to highly accurate, current information to set you up for success.

We also have experts verifying data and conducting their own proactive research to review, build and maintain accurate information in our News & Events Forward Planner database – trusted by editorial teams and journalists across the globe.

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