2024 US Presidential Election Media Analysis

Understand the candidates, issues, and forces at play.

As the world gears up for one of the most crucial democratic exercises in recent history, Onclusive’s US Election dashboard provides almost real-time media analysis of the presidential candidates and issues shaping this pivotal election cycle. Scroll down to try it out.

The Report


Our reports combines data from our Media Monitoring and Analysis, Social Listening, and AP Planning platforms. Our team of expert analysts transform this data into valuable insights that impartially evaluate how the election is playing out in the media. Each quarter we examine:

  • How the media is shaping public opinion and driving topics from a primary state, battleground state, and national point of view.
  • How social media is facilitating demographic reactions, responses, and sharing preferences of various topics as they evolve.
  • Critical issues dominating the election discourse and how candidates are addressing topics such as healthcare, climate change, the economy, social justice, as well as emerging topics.
  • Forthcoming key events for the next quarter around the issues and themes of the election.

Edition One: 2024 US Presidential Election Media Impact Analysis

Inside our first edition, you'll discover an impartial evaluation of the media coverage surrounding the candidates, issues, and forces at play before election year begins.

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Edition Two: 2024 US Presidential Election Media Impact Analysis

We're thrilled to share our second report. This detailed analysis dives into how the media covers election candidates and the key issues shaping this important time.

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Edition Three: 2024 US Presidential Election Media Impact Analysis

Delve deep into the evolving landscape of media coverage as the candidate field narrows down, and the race intensifies.

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Discover how to look ahead at the upcoming news agenda, track industry trends, issues, and competitors.