Reputation & Brand Insights
Enabling smarter communication strategy and activation

Access trusted insights that reveal the key drivers of your brand reputation.

Combining media analytics technology and human intelligence, we enable you to better understand your brand media profile, how you benchmark against your sector, and wider industry issues and themes that could impact business reputation.

We provide the evidence to guide your communication strategy and activation.



Uncover the effectiveness of your proactive communications activity.


Discover how industry issues covered in the media impact your brand reputation.


Reveal the key drivers of your brand reputation.

A unique blend of human and AI

Our insight teams use the power of AI technology to access and convert large, unstructured datasets into a single source of valuable information.

Our experts make sense of this information, generating rich insights to inform critical communications decisions.

Our consultancy expertise has been recognised by multiple industry awards, most recently for our work with Vodafone and TikTok

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Brand perception across the media

Gain a clear picture of how your brand perception is evolving across multiple media channels. 

We integrate mainstream and social media insights to identify how campaigns are disseminated and amplified across all channels, and how your messaging moves between them.


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Sustainable Reputation Index

We have developed an approach to track organisational performance against the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

We use these goals as a framework to understand the volume and prominence of conversations and sentiment towards your brand in each area. We then look at how well your messages are landing in the media, helping you measure and understand your reputation for sustainability.

We track the contribution of each brand to a company’s overall reputation for sustainability and to benchmark against competitors. 


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