Media Impact Analysis
Understand which stories drive impact

Understand, analyse and improve your communication campaigns with the media. We analyse press, broadcast, online and social media to assess the impact of your media relations activity.

Our analysis service evaluates the impact of your media relations activity, whether it’s for consumer or corporate communications, issue management, crisis or reputation management.



Discover which stories influence your audience.


Identify the themes driving positive and negative coverage.


Measure the outcomes of your activity, not just your outputs.

Uncover brand impact

Our brand impact metrics can reveal valuable and actionable insights about your activity.

Understand the stories that are influencing your audience and how your content is impacting sentiment. Identify the publications and authors that drive the most impact for your brand.

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Understand media coverage

Track your media profile in-depth and discover where you fit in relation to your competitors and the wider media landscape. Build a practical understanding of what drives your media coverage and what influences your reputation to understand what works and what doesn’t.

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Discover and measure impact

We can support you to make sense of the impact of your coverage.

Our experts will review each piece of coverage, assessing the messages and sentiment, as well as measuring the impact against your key performance indicators.

We measure the quantity and quality of content you have generated proactively, where you have reacted to a story as well as the total organic coverage. This will help to build a clear understanding of where to focus your efforts, driving efficiency and effectiveness.

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