Market Research

Explore and Inspire.

Lay The Foundation For Your Strategy

Before you begin building your communications plan, you must first understand the market. What matters most to your constituents? What are the biggest challenges and opportunities? Where can your company find a strategic advantage? Our global newscrawler gives you instant access into millions of digital media touchpoints which can surface the high-level data that is necessary to building your strategy.

Test and Learn

By tapping into our newscrawler database you can run an unlimited number of searches as a way to test your assumptions about the topics, keywords, and companies that are being mentioned in the media. By tracking these findings over time you can use historical learnings to plot future strategies.

Use Data To Back Up Your Recommendations

Market research can help you identify the best strategy for your business. But in order to get your team behind your recommendations you will need the hard data to prove your assumptions. Our reporting and insights give you the option to present your findings in dozens of dimensions, making the information both usable and credible.

Katie Watson VP of Communications, 23andMe
In addition, using Onclusive’s message optimization tool, NEO Messaging™, we are looking at the key messages and terms that are driving the most website traffic and actions. For example, ‘research’ is one of our key differentiators, so we track it very closely. So far, we’ve learned that if we only looked at message pull through, we would have deemed ‘research’ and ‘DNA testing’ to be the top performing sound bytes, while in fact the terms ‘study’ and ‘genetic testing’ generated more business impact with less pull through.

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