Content Amplification

Content Amplification

First Discover, Then Deliver

Nielsen has published numerous “trust in advertising” studies which demonstrate that earned media coverage is the most impactful way to deliver a message. But, there is a lack of control and predictability in the earned media process which exists in paid advertising where you can control your reach and frequency.

The Onclusive platform identifies which earned media is having the most impact, then automatically delivers that winning content to more of its intended audience, at scale. This solution empowers both the advertising team with more impactful marketing content, as well as the communications team with more control and predictability around who sees their content, how frequently, and when.

If you are a CMO wishing your creative team could produce more compelling content, or a CFO lamenting the time and cost of ad content creation, you may have to look no further than your PR department for content that is sitting on the shelf.

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