Robust solutions for data-driven brand marketers.
Measure brand sentiment

Monitor Your Brand

Leverage the world’s most powerful monitoring solution to capture brand mentions in digital, print, and broadcast media. Using our advanced sentiment analysis models, you can quickly and easily understand brand, publication, and article sentiment.

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Monitor your competitors

Gain A Competitive Advantage

Competitive insights and intelligence to help inform your marketing strategies. All of Onclusive’s platforms are effective tools for monitoring competitors and gaining competitive advantages.

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Understand market trends

Understand Market Trends

Our research tools surface the publications and authors that are most active around a particular topic recently, and reveal which articles are trending on social media. Sort and filter information by most recent content or trending content to identify new trends and constantly evolve your brand narrative.

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Measure Reader Engagement

Onclusive is the only platform that can provide you with engagement metrics like time active attention, scroll depth, and unique visitors for earned media. Understand these metrics for all of your promoted articles, both individually and in aggregate over time.

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Powerful Brand Sentiment & Impact Solution

Get real-time survey feedback from your target audience to better understand the impact your promoted articles have on brand sentiment and consideration.

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Liz Walton VP of Marketing, Yext
It is incredibly important for the communications team to have the same level of analytical support and sophistication as the rest of our organization. Leveraging Onclusive’s platform has given us valuable, actionable insights to inform our communications decisions on a global scale.

Six Earned Media Strategies to Maximize Reach & Impact

The world as we know it is changing. The ever-evolving landscape of social media, journalism, digital marketing, and self-publishing means that we are entering a dynamic new era where it’s easier than ever to leverage media to promote your company.

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Case Study

Onclusive is Yext’s Answer for PR Analytics

Quantifying the effects of PR is difficult enough for any business, but Yext presents a unique challenge in that the company serves customers in virtually every industry across numerous geographies. Yext’s communications team was looking for a better process to understand the full effect of its efforts in a way that would meaningfully inform their communications strategy, and allow them to better quantify the effectiveness of their communications and report press coverage metrics. Yext partnered with Onclusive as their PR analytics solution to help them better understand the business outcomes of their public relations.

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