Reader Engagement & Brand Impact

Measure The True Impact of Your Promoted Articles
Measure reader engagement

Measure Earned Media Engagement

Onclusive is the only platform that can provide you with engagement metrics like time on page, average attention, scroll depth, and unique visitors for earned media. Understand these metrics for all of your promoted articles, both individually and in aggregate over time.

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Understand Brand Impact with Reader Surveys

Get real-time survey results from your target audience to better understand the impact your promoted articles have on brand sentiment and consideration.

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Reader engagement by state

Reach & Frequency with Credibility

Once you have discovered your most valuable earned media using Onclusive, promote those articles to the intended audience at the desired scale, timing, and frequency. Then, leverage our Reader Engagement and Brand Impact analytics to measure the true effect of those promoted articles.

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quote Nick Gentile Ford experience strategist, GTB
We were promoting editorial coverage through paid channels, but didn’t have any visibility into post-click performance. This was a black box for us. For example, which articles did people actually read? What was reader sentiment like on those articles? Onclusive’s technology actually gave us that level of visibility, and enabled us to optimize our spend toward what was working. Having behavioral and attitudinal responses together from the same data source and user experience was a major benefit.

Six Earned Media Strategies to Maximize Reach & Impact

The world as we know it is changing. The ever-evolving landscape of social media, journalism, digital marketing, and self-publishing means that we are entering a dynamic new era where it’s easier than ever to leverage media to promote your company.

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Case Study

How Overstock Uses Paid & Earned Media To Drive Brand Engagement

Overstock’s biggest challenge was not just raising key messages above the industry noise, but also making the most noise possible during big sales events — in other words, amplifying the content that really resonated with customers to influence more of their target audience. Download this case study to learn why Overstock selected Onclusive to help them amplify their earned media and gain great insights into their customers.

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