Benefits of Onclusive for Journalists


Introducing Onclusive 

Onclusive is the world’s leading media monitoring, analysis and management provider for PR and communications professionals.

Through our media management solutions we support in-house communications teams across central government departments, public sector bodies and private sector organisations to deal effectively with media enquiries, send out newsworthy content in clear and engaging formats, and analyse and report their results.


What are the benefits for me? 

We help get the right stories to the right journalists.

Our customers are some of the largest organisations in the world producing news and content which is highly sought after.

Through Onclusive our customers can perform a search for journalists based on region, subject matter, their past published articles, the type of publication they work for and keyword. They can then build these into living lists which update each time new people are added to the database which match this criteria and which automatically remove people who no longer meet this criteria.

Customers include: Tesco, Asda, Siemens, EasyJet, BT, Abbvie, The Department of Health and Social Affairs, Nationwide and hundreds of others.


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Each customer who identifies a journalist as being a key audience for their news will then send out media rich releases to these contacts or get in touch over the phone. Each emailed communication will have full contact details (name, phone, email) so that you can quickly respond to ask for more information, clarification etc. There is also a one click unsubscribe which allows you to immediately opt out of further communications from this organisation.

If you’d like to give us a more accurate description of the things you’re interested in, please email and we’ll update your profile immediately or you can fill in this short form.

You may also be interested in Onclusive Forward Planner. This rich database of 120,000+ news items and events provides full visibility of upcoming media agenda, ensuring editors and journalists never miss a story and can plan with confidence.


Privacy Policy

If you would like to know more about how we collect, store and use your data, please do visit our journalist privacy policy page