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Actionable Insights for Brand Reputation Management

Managing a corporate brand’s reputation has become increasingly challenging for PR pros in today’s interconnected business landscape. The pervasive influence of digital media, social, and the 24/7 news cycle has accelerated the speed at which information spreads. Any negative incident can quickly escalate, causing significant damage to a brand’s image. That’s why gaining actionable insights on your brand health is key.

Our Senior Vice President, Insights & Consultancy Onclusive – Philip Lynch – talks about the importance of reputational health measurement. We also discuss how our actionable insights can steer your future comms and crisis management.

Onclusive Insights:

  • Brand perception across the media – Gain a clear picture of how your brand perception is evolving across multiple media channels. We integrate mainstream and social media insights to identify how campaigns are disseminated and amplified across all channels. And, how your messaging moves between them.
  • Sustainable Reputation Index – We have developed an approach to track organisational performance against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    We use these goals as a framework to understand the volume and prominence of conversations and sentiment towards your brand in each area. We then look at how well your messages are landing in the media, helping you measure and understand your reputation for sustainability.

    We track the contribution of each brand to a company’s overall reputation for sustainability and to benchmark against competitors.

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In this video blog series – Onclusive Clips – our thought leaders tackle the big questions in our digital-first media world. We speak to seasoned PR & Media Monitoring experts to gain actionable insight. We also use the space to shine a light on what we do and why we do it!