PR measurement in the digital age




PR measurement digital age

Just as marketing, sales and business development must generate and demonstrate a measurable contribution to their organisations’ overarching goals, the same is expected of PR.

But, since PR is an intangible service, for too long thought of as indistinguishable from marketing, its impact can often be difficult to track and measure.

It is exactly this need that convinced Onclusive to bring together three leading businesses in the media monitoring and analytics space, with the ultimate aim of elevating the status of PR by allowing communicators to prove their value.

PR in the digital age

The global growth of digital media means PR’s message spreads globally, quickly. There are also many more voices talking about organisations and brands, who are creating new narratives and opinions. All of this activity needs to be captured and understood.

In today’s digital world, access to real time data from mainstream media and social channels is helping PR and communications professionals calculate and qualify the impact of their work. Thanks to AI and machine learning, media monitoring analytics are more sophisticated and working faster, empowering PR professionals to deliver the insights and analysis their organisations require.

Breakthroughs in media monitoring technology have allowed for real time tracking and reporting on the ever-evolving media landscape. With the boom of social media and traditional media outlets expanding their online presence, this is an invaluable tool for organisations to understand the world around them.

With the help of machine learning, businesses not only have insight into what is being said about them directly, but also their competitors and the wider industry context.


However, the measurement challenge is not over

Machine and AI-driven media monitoring systems deliver real benefits in their scale and speed of operation, but we will continue to rely on the intuition and emotional intelligence of human curation to make sense of it all. Onclusive is where ‘AI meets EI’ to give our clients both the scale and deep-level analysis they need to move forward with confidence. AI Media monitoring and analytics systems that combine technology with a human interpretation will always give PR and communications professionals the most robust and useful insights.

But this is easier said than done.

In an increasingly fast paced media environment, PR professionals need to prove their impact in a joined up and holistic way. They need to provide insights that not only highlight their performance and results, but also provide colour and context to inform future communication decisions. Whether that’s deciding the theme for an upcoming campaign, mapping potential media outlets for partnerships or identifying niche audience groups with a specific set of needs.

Onclusive has been built to help

The legacy Onclusive business was a pioneer of machine learning, introducing AI into the media monitoring analytics space over a decade ago.

Today our combined offer brings together our trademark PR attribution data and analytics with the very best human intelligence and interpretation from Kantar’s Reputation Intelligence business and the comprehensive PRgloo platform. Our business has been specifically designed to answer our clients’ needs, allowing them to obtain deeper insights and understanding of both their businesses, and the world around them.

Across all digital and owned media platforms, we ensure our clients have full sight over how and where their businesses are being talked about. This means PR and comms professionals using our platforms can understand in real time what is being said, who is saying it, and how they can improve their media presence.

In the digital age, measurement and evaluation in PR is no longer a challenge for the industry. Instead, it is a tool to empower communicators and to help them prove brand awareness and authority. It’s now up to PR and communications professionals to take advantage of the opportunity.

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