Aviva – Shedding light on stakeholder sentiment towards Aviva to help manage brand reputation




The challenge

Aviva sought to understand the pulse of multi-stakeholder sentiment; what drives positive versus negative sentiment with the public, customers, distributors and journalists. This was so that Aviva could more effectively engage with those stakeholder groups for the purpose of safeguarding the brand reputation and, as a consequence, business growth.


Our approach and why we are uniquely placed to deliver

We proposed a monthly Voices tracker that would inform Aviva how different stakeholders were talking about the brand within the public domain. The insights feeding into the tracker are compiled by accessing media within the public domain. Human analysis is used to accurately capture the nuances of the English language. Where media volume is high representative sampling is conducted. Voices with higher reach are magnified more than voices with low reach. The results are shared in a monthly report delivered to Aviva’s Reputation team.


The insight

The monthly report helps Aviva understand the answers to three key questions relating to the pulse of UK stakeholder sentiment about the brand:

  1. What do predominant voices say about Aviva?
  2. What themes are voiced about Aviva and the insurance industry, by which key stakeholders and with what sentiment?


The impact

Insights from the monthly reports are used widely across the business. Aviva’s Reputation team uses the insight to report to the senior leaders across the business, helping to influence decision making to protect and grow reputation.

Aviva’s Communications teams use the reports to reflect and learn on campaigns.
The Corporate Responsibility team and Public Policy teams also use the reports – For feedback on campaigns and to engage on emerging topics

Client testimonial:

“Knowing what people say about our Brand is key to ensuring we remain a responsible and sustainable business. Onclusive have the ability to generate meaningful insight from thousands of voices. Their support in helping us recognise themes driving positive and negative sentiment is impressive enough, but the fact they do so with human analysis rather than automated intelligence sets them apart from the competition. Onclusive is a respected partner that helps us remain responsive in a rapidly evolving world.”

Andy McLennan

Global Reputation & Brand Health Lead