COP26 Media Evaluation Report




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An analysis of media trends and coverage during the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26)

The COP26 summit is one of the largest global climate change debates in recent years. It is a hot topic for communications leaders who are increasingly charged with helping communicate and manage their brand’s reputation for sustainability. This report will provide an understanding into key themes that are resonating the most in the media and online, helping inform your communications plans and ESG strategy. 


Download the COP26 media evaluation report, which includes key insights into the conference and uncovers: 

  • A media breakdown revealing leading themes, top media sources and notable coverage 
  • Daily trends relating to mainstream, social and search sources 
  • Coverage surrounding top spokespeople, principal partners, and CEOs 
  • Social media engagement including top tweets, most retweets, and hashtags that drove highest engagement levels 


Key insights 

  • This week COP26 generated 22.7k news articles and 129k social media posts, with a combined potential audience of 4.1 billion people. 
  • Sky was the most prominent principle partner this week, being featured in 360 items. Jaguar was the second most prominent, with 168 items. 
  • Boris Johnson was the most prominent spokesperson this week, being quoted or mentioned in 8.54k items. The MP lobbying scandal continued to generate negative coverage for Mr Johnson, although many headlines did still focus on COP26 negotiations. 


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