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Monitor Your Media

Built upon Onclusive’s proprietary newscrawler, our Enterprise platform offers the most robust media monitoring solution on the market. Onclusive doesn’t only focus on breadth, we deliver the highest quality of coverage of your brand, keywords, and competitors. Our machine learning algorithms are constantly eliminating irrelevant or spam articles which don’t actually contribute to your goals. And with unparalleled search and filtering capabilities, platform users can further narrow-in to the coverage that matters most for their specific initiatives.

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Power of voice measurement

Measure Quality & Quantity of Coverage

To truly measure which content is achieving your objectives, brands need a metric that incorporates quality and demonstrates what is working and what is not – a metric that can identify the most impactful elements of your communications and shape future strategy for campaigns, messaging, and media relations outreach.

That’s why Onclusive invented Power of Voice™ – the leading competitive quality metric for PR and communications. Power of Voice™ is the only “share” metric that combines content relevance, publication authority, social media amplification, and sentiment, into a single measurement. Power of Voice™ uses AI and machine learning to provide a more consistent, more accurate, and more scalable metric than can ever be expected from human readers alone. No other metric can show a brand’s authority, beyond share of voice, against competitors in one simple chart.

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Measure PR Business Outcomes

Understanding how content drives actual business outcomes is the link that has long been missing from PR measurement. Onclusive invented and pioneered the first true attribution approach for communications to demonstrate the real impact of earned and owned media by successfully making this connection. PR Attribution™ measures how many times people, after having read a piece of content about your brand, eventually visit your website – even if there is no backlink in the article – and which actions they take, including pages visited, content downloaded, sign-ups, and revenue.

Now, you can leverage attribution metrics to understand the real impact of specific campaigns, articles, soundbytes, and journalists, and use outcome-driven data to inform your communications strategy.

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earned media reporting

Identify Insights & Showcase Value with Reports

Onclusive’s Enterprise reporting suite not just saves you time by automating the reporting process; it delivers beautifully designed external reports to showcase your results in the most visually impactful way. All external reports, whether built using pre-defined templates or customized by a user, are refreshed in real-time with the most up-to-date insights everytime they are viewed or downloaded.

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Message Optimization

To see which messages have the biggest impact, Onclusive created NEO™ – or News Engine Optimization – which is the next generation of SEO for communications. It shows the actual business impact of each soundbyte and key message and for the first time enables message optimization in the same way a search keyword strategy is optimized. Know which messages had the highest pull-through, which were amplified the most across social media, which drove the most website traffic, and which generated the most website actions and conversions. It’s important to look at the entire marketing funnel, not just basic pull-through, and Onclusive gives you automatic insights for optimizing a message strategy.

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Research Trends

The concept of a reporter “beat” is dead. Journalists are rarely sticking to editorial topics anymore, they are writing about the stories which are interesting to them or which are handed down to them in real-time, making it difficult to target the right publications and journalists. Our research tool surfaces the publications and authors that are most active around a particular topic recently, and reveals which articles are trending the most on social media. Slice and dice the information by most recent content or trending content to identify new trends and constantly evolve your brand narrative.

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Katie Watson VP of Communications, 23andMe
By understanding the business impact of our earned, owned and newswire efforts, we can better shape our broader strategy and make data-driven decisions around the specific content, media strategies, publications and reporters we want to focus on moving forward. PR Attribution™ analysis also provides our leadership with the metrics they want to see, including ROI.
June 26, 2019

PR Attribution™ 101

Without the ability to measure the bottom line impact of PR, communicators only know the amount and scale of media coverage they are getting about their brand. For communications professionals to continue to have a seat at the table, optimize their strategy in alignment with overall business and marketing objectives, and get the credit they deserve and the resources they need, knowing how earned, owned and newswire content drives actual business outcomes has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

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Airbnb and 23andMe: Achieving Success With The Heritage Travel Campaign

With the rise of at-home genetic tests like 23andMe, it has never been easier to learn about your ancestry, and this has contributed to a growing trend of heritage travel. People around the world are taking trips to connect with their ancestry, and that’s why Airbnb and 23andMe teamed up to make traveling to your roots easier than ever. They partnered to launch a communications program to promote their “Heritage Travel” concept and leveraged PR performance insights from Onclusive to optimize their strategy and demonstrate bottom-line impact

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See How We Compare to Top Media Monitoring Vendors

Are you looking for an objective media monitoring and PR analytics software comparison, based on real customer reviews? Look no further! G2 Crowd, the leading independent business software review company, has compiled a report that compares Onclusive, Meltwater, Cision and Muck Rack, and we are delighted to share it with you.