PR Strategy

Powerful Insights to Inform Your Plan.

Find The Story, Build The Narrative

With countless articles being published every day across a plethora of media outlets, it can be difficult to spot important trends and build a plan to take advantage of those trends. Each day, our global newscrawler captures millions of digital articles and helps you understand which topics, themes, and stories are trending the most, and which stories may still be up and coming.

Take Control of The Media Landscape

Thanks to the explosion of digital media, blogs, influencers, and social media there are now millions of publications which did not exist just a year ago. In today’s fragmented publishing landscape, finding the right media partner can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Our global newscrawler helps you cross-reference trending topics with the media outlets that are publishing those stories on those topics so that you can build your target media list with validated data.

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Continually Optimize to Business Outcomes

Earning media coverage in itself is not enough. The modern communicator is expected to both prove the impact of their work, as well as show continued improvement over time. By using metrics that demonstrate the actual bottom-line impact of content, PR teams can optimize their strategy to drive growth.

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quote Katie Watson VP of Communications, 23andMe
By understanding the business impact of our earned, owned and newswire efforts, we can better shape our broader strategy and make data-driven decisions around the specific content, media strategies, publications and reporters we want to focus on moving forward. PR Attribution™ analysis also provides our leadership with the metrics they want to see, including ROI.

Airbnb and 23andMe: Achieving Success With The Heritage Travel Campaign

With the rise of at-home genetic tests like 23andMe, it has never been easier to learn about your ancestry, and this has contributed to a growing trend of heritage travel. People around the world are taking trips to connect with their ancestry, and that’s why Airbnb and 23andMe teamed up to make traveling to your roots easier than ever. They partnered to launch a communications program to promote their “Heritage Travel” concept and leveraged PR performance insights from Onclusive to optimize their strategy and demonstrate bottom-line impact.

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Case Study

Onclusive is Yext’s Answer for PR Analytics

Quantifying the effects of PR is difficult enough for any business, but Yext presents a unique challenge in that the company serves customers in virtually every industry across numerous geographies. Yext’s communications team was looking for a better way to understand the full effect of its efforts in a way that would meaningfully inform their communications strategy, and allow them to better quantify the effectiveness of their communications and report press coverage metrics. Yext partnered with Onclusive as their PR analytics solution to help them better understand the business outcomes of their public relations.

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