PR Analytics

Powerful Analytics & Deep Insights

Surface Unexpected Insights

Communications teams no longer need to rely solely on their intuition to guide their strategy. By leveraging Onclusive’s suite of PR Analytics, you will both validate your assumptions about which content is delivering the most value for your brand, as well as discover less obvious stories, publications, and authors who are actually driving bottom-line impact for you and your competitors.

Visualize Information & Report

Storytelling is a visual exercise. Basic stats and raw data may not showcase your work to the extent it deserves. With Onclusive, you can build and customize charts and graphs based on various metrics, chart types, date range, color scheme, and more. Don’t just report, excite.

Advanced Metrics

Onclusive’s mission is to help the modern communicator elevate their game by providing the broadest set of outcome-driven metrics. We are the only platform to help you measure and optimize your content based on quality, resonance, brand impact, and revenue.

Understand Article, Publication & Author Sentiment

PR teams can no longer measure their effectiveness or the overall nature of company coverage simply based on the volume of articles they have secured within their target publications. Accurate sentiment understanding is critical when researching topics and subject matter related to companies’ communications strategies. Onclusive’s Global Sentiment Analysis leverages artificial intelligence to deliver automated insights around the tone of earned media coverage.

See How We Compare to Top Media Monitoring Vendors

Are you looking for an objective media monitoring and PR analytics software comparison, based on real customer reviews? Look no further! G2 Crowd, the leading independent business software review company, has compiled a report that compares Onclusive, Meltwater, Cision and Muck Rack, and we are delighted to share it with you.

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Michael Dolmatch Director of Communications, Yext
Yext’s press efforts span regions from North America to Asia, and it can be extremely difficult to measure our coverage metrics globally in a reliable way. It’s critical for my team to have access to advanced metrics to inform our communications strategy, and Onclusive makes this much easier.
Case Study

Onclusive is Yext’s Answer for PR Analytics

Quantifying the effects of PR is difficult enough for any business, but Yext presents a unique challenge in that the company serves customers in virtually every industry across numerous geographies. Yext’s communications team was looking for a better process to understand the full effect of its efforts in a way that would meaningfully inform their communications strategy, and allow them to better quantify the effectiveness of their communications and report press coverage metrics. Yext partnered with Onclusive as their PR analytics solution to help them better understand the business outcomes of their public relations.

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Case Study

Lucidworks’ Clear Choice: Onclusive for PR Analytics

Lucidworks is a fast-growing company, working on creating a global brand and increasing category awareness for their platform that enables enterprises to connect users with the data that they need to make decisions. Unfortunately, Lucidworks’ marketing department struggled to get actionable information about its own PR efforts. Lucidworks needed a trustworthy partner to quantify the value of their PR and help them justify further investment.

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