PR Attribution™

PR Attribution™: Invented and Perfected by Onclusive
PR Attribution Report

Demonstrate Bottom Line Impact of PR

Onclusive invented the first true PR attribution™ methodology for communications to demonstrate the actual impact of earned and owned media by connecting content to outcomes for the first time.

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Measure Communications Outcomes

Prove Business Outcomes

Measure how many times people, after having read a piece of content about your brand, eventually visit your website and which actions they take – including pages visited, content downloaded, sign-ups, and sales – even if there is no backlink in the article.

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PR Attribution ROI

Earn A Seat At The Table

Use Onclusive’s state-of-the-art PR analytics to report on how your communications strategies are driving business growth and secure a seat at the table during the budget making process.

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PR Attribution Optimization

Measure & Optimize

Leverage attribution metrics to understand the real impact of specific campaigns, articles, soundbytes, and journalists, and use outcome-driven data to optimize your communications strategies.

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quote Katie Watson VP of Communications, 23andMe
PR Attribution™ is starting to help us make decisions about the types of announcements and media moments we should spend the most resources on. It is also helping us to identify the right outlets and journalists for the right pitches.
PR Attribution Reporting

PR Attribution™ 101

Without the ability to measure the bottom line impact of PR, communicators only know the amount and scale of media coverage they are getting about their brand. For communications professionals to continue to have a seat at the table, optimize their strategy in alignment with overall business and marketing objectives, and get the credit they deserve and the resources they need, knowing how earned, owned and newswire content drives actual business outcomes has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

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Media Measurement and Reporting
Case Study

How 23andMe Uses PR Attribution™ to Drive Business Outcomes

23andMe wanted more than just article numbers and reach in a PR analytics solution. Their team was looking for a way actually connect their PR to sales. They adopted Onclusive’s PR Attribution™ to understand which content directly impacted the customer journey and key business outcomes, and then evolved their communication strategy based on the best performing messaging, initiatives, publications and reporters.

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