Sentiment Analysis

Comprehensive Earned and Social Media Sentiment Analysis

The Most Accurate Solution on the Market

Based on the state-of-the-art deep learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) research coming out of Silicon Valley, our proprietary Global Sentiment Analysis model leverages artificial intelligence to deliver automated insights around the tone of earned media coverage.

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Earned Media Sentiment Analysis in 100+ Languages

Tracking sentiment for earned media in multiple markets? The Onclusive multilingual sentiment analysis model will support 104 languages.

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Don’t Limit Yourself

Sentiment can be reported at three levels: (1) aggregate sentiment for your total media coverage during a specified date-range; (2) the sentiment of a specific article; (3) the sentiment of each entity within the article – entities are persons, places, things contained in the article and our model provides the sentiment for each entity in the context of the other entities and the overall article.

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Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Onclusive’s artificial intelligence powered social media sentiment analysis will inform your team about how your audience feels about your brand, topics and competition. Leverage these insights to increase your social engagement by creating content that better resonates with your brand’s audience. Take sentiment a step further with Onclusive’s volume predictions, which will notify you when your posts are about to go viral.

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Make Informed Decisions

Understanding how your messages resonate with their intended audience is the first step in optimizing your PR and social media strategies. Use Onclusive’s real-time and historical sentiment trends to hone your communications strategy. The result is unmatched visibility, unprecedented insights, and the confidence to make decisions with the metrics that matter.

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quote Nick Gentile Ford Experience Strategist, GTB
We were promoting editorial coverage through paid channels, but didn’t have any visibility into post-click performance. This was a black box for us. For example, which articles did people actually read? What was reader sentiment like on those articles? Onclusive’s technology actually gave us that level of visibility, and enabled us to optimize our spend toward what was working. Having behavioral and attitudinal responses together from the same data source and user experience was a major benefit.
Case Study

Using Data to Showcase Results: How ConnectWise Developed Their PR Program

As the communications team at ConnectWise grew, they wanted to see the difference in the volume and quality of their media coverage, and the results against their goals. The team gained a seat at the table in business decisions and wanted to learn how to use data to further strengthen the understanding of the value of communications. After conducting research, ConnectWise knew that the Onclusive media analytics platform was the tool that they wanted as they were looking to track all media coverage of their brand successfully, and to have a resource to look up contact information for authors based on trends of what they had recently written about.

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