2024 US Presidential Election Media Impact Analysis – Third Edition




Welcome to the third edition of our comprehensive analysis of the 2024 US Presidential Election media impact. Dive deep into the evolving landscape of media coverage as the candidate field narrows down, and the race intensifies.

Inside of this third edition, you’ll discover:

  • Media Landscape Evolution: Explore how the media landscape has transformed throughout the election cycle as the candidate field has narrowed down. Gain insights into the shifting narratives and emerging trends that are shaping the discourse.
  • Rise in Social Conversations: Discover how social conversations surrounding the election have surged, with a notable increase of 4.1%. Uncover the driving forces behind this uptick and the implications for public engagement.
  • Top Five Traditional Media Trending Topics: Delve into the most prominent themes dominating traditional media coverage, including identity politics, foreign affairs, healthcare, the Trump indictment, and the Federal Government and the Judiciary. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the issues, capturing national attention and driving the conversation.
  • Top Five Social Media Trending Topics: Explore the top trending topics on social media platforms, including border control and immigration, the Israel/Hamas conflict, foreign affairs, Ukraine, and the economy. Understand the social media landscape and its influence on public opinion and discourse.

Access the full report now to uncover the nuances and trends driving the media narrative in this pivotal election cycle.

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