CEO Index Report Q4




Media Performance of the World’s Top CEOs

In this quarter’s CEO Index report, we look back at Q4 2023 and uncover which CEOs in the UK, US, and Europe stood out in the media and why.


Some key points inside the report: 


  • Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, ascended to the top spot on the US leaderboard when he rejected a proposal to prohibit filters simulating plastic surgery. This decision came amidst concerns about the online safety of teenagers. And the launch of Threads only boosted that.
  • Globally, Banking and Finance re-emerged as the most prominent business sector by CEO media mentions, growing by 42% and surpassing the volume of last quarter’s leader (Information Technology).
  • Sectors such as Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare and Aerospace & Defence also saw media mentions of their leaders increase, while several other ones saw declines this quarter

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