Breaking Down Beckham: Unearthing Social Trends from the Netflix documentary.




Netflix documentary Beckham


“Beckham,” the highly anticipated Netflix documentary, takes audiences on a journey through the life and career of football icon David Beckham. While the documentary itself offers an intimate look at Beckham’s rise to stardom, we’re here to explore not only the content of the film but also the key conversations and intriguing trends surrounding the successful launch of the series.


Unpacking the “Beckham” Documentary:


In “Beckham,” viewers are given a deep dive into the life of the football legend. The documentary features insights from his family, former teammates, and even the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson. From his humble beginnings with Waltham Forest under-12s to global stardom, the documentary leaves no stone unturned in Beckham’s extraordinary journey, and judging by the sky rocket of mentions of David Beckham from 13,000 before the day of launch, to nearly 100,00 on the day of it’s release, it certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed.


Gender Dynamics in the Online Conversation

Before delving into the social media buzz around “Beckham,” let’s take a moment to consider who is leading the conversation. According to data from Onclusive’s social listening tool, 68% of the discussions about the documentary are driven by males, while 32% come from females. It’s an interesting statistic, shedding light on the gender dynamics surrounding one of the world’s most iconic athletes, who is also considered widely as a celebrity, fashion icon, and more.


Key Conversations and Mentions

The online discourse around “Beckham” is rich and diverse, encompassing various key topics and mentions. The following concepts have emerged as central figures in these conversations:

  • Victoria Beckham: Notably, Victoria Beckham’s presence in the discussions is significant, with 2301 mentions. This reflects the enduring public interest in the Beckham power couple.
  • Lionel Messi: With 1507 mentions, the football world’s current superstar, Lionel Messi, continues to be associated with Beckham, perhaps highlighting their shared impact on the sport.
  • Rebecca Loos: The mention of Rebecca Loos, who was previously linked to Beckham in the media, further emphasizes the documentary’s examination of Beckham’s personal life.
  • Netflix: It’s no surprise that the platform itself plays a role, with 450 mentions, underscoring the influence of Netflix in bringing such stories to a global audience.


 Mention Trends Over Time

To understand the ebb and flow of conversations surrounding “Beckham,” we looked at mentions on social media from September 23, 2023, to October 22, 2023. A few key points stood out:

On October 5, 2023, there was a remarkable surge in mentions, with a whopping 98,343 discussions, indicating a significant peak in interest and conversation. The timeline reflects the documentary’s ability to spark a resurgence of interest and excitement on social media.


Closing Thoughts:

The world of sports, entertainment, and celebrity is ever-evolving, and the data from Onclusive’s social listening tool provides us with a unique lens to understand how a documentary like “Beckham” influences conversations. What’s clear is that David Beckham’s legacy extends far beyond the football pitch, and his story continues to captivate audiences worldwide. We invite you to share your thoughts and insights on the documentary, the social media trends, and, of course, the enduring legend that is David Beckham.


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