Media Wrapped 2023




Onclusive’s social listening tool brings you: Media Wrapped 2023: Top Media Topics, Influencers, and Hashtags of 2023.

Onclusive has wrapped up 2023’s media landscape, revealing the top trends that captivated global and local audiences. From geopolitics to sporting events, look back at the year that brought you King Charles, Ken, and Klopp’s Liverpool side.


Top 10 Topics That Ignited Online Conversations

1. Palestine-Israel

October saw an unprecedented surge in discussions surrounding with 43,012,436 mentions. The global attention and dialogue underscored the sensitivity and significance of this ongoing situation.


2. Barbie

Greta Gerwig’s directed movie propelled Barbie into online discussions, generating 18,147,413 mentions in July. This blockbuster, and its marketing sparked endless conversations surrounding cultural icons and the impact of film on society.


3. COVID-19 – Vaccines

In January, concerns and debates around COVID-19 vaccines amassed 13,071,533 mentions. This reflecting ongoing health-related anxieties and discussions following the pandemic, despite much of the news cycle having seemingly moved on.


4. Russia & Ukraine

Throughout the year, Russia’s news and developments sustained significant numbers, accumulating 8,483,462 mentions. This had widespread coverage in the UK especially around Zelensky’s visit to the capital.


5. Chelsea – Liverpool Match

Sporting discussions peaked in August with discussions reaching 5,878,052 mentions, showcasing the passion for these two top-level teams in their head to head match.


6. Putin – Wagner Rebellion

June saw political discussions peaking at 5,226,463 mentions, reflecting yet again global interest in the unprecedented rebellion of Wagner, who was a former close ally of Putin.


7. Junior Doctors Strike

October marked concerns within the healthcare sector, accumulating 4,941,687 mentions, with October being the month that most highlighted feelings around the importance of healthcare policies and NHS worker rights.


8. Arsenal – Transfers (Jorginho)

Football discussions surged in January, gathering 4,895,643 mentions, indicating the reactions around player transfers in the sporting world.


9. Oppenheimer

This blockbuster film starring Cillian Murphy gathered 3,824,315 mentions in July, contributing to a strong year for cinema and cultural discourse.


10. Coronation – King Charles

May saw discussions reaching 3,745,563 mentions, capturing significant moments in royalty and national identity, as Charles was crowned King.


Top 10 Influencers and Media Outlets Leading the pack with a score of 2890 reaching a staggering 6,381,102 individuals, showcasing its influence and widespread readership.,,, Prominent media outlets making a significant impact with their coverage across various topics and engaging diverse audiences.


Top 10 Hashtags Shaping Conversations

#covid, #arsenal, #israel, #gaza, #barbie : Reflecting the diverse range of discussions, from pandemic-related concerns to sports and geopolitical issues during worrying times of conflict.


The year 2023 saw an array of global conversations, emphasising the diverse interests, concerns, and the media outlets we relied on to tell these digital narratives. As we navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, these insights serve as a testament to the power of online discourse in reflecting societal, cultural, and political currents.

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